Brief introduction of copper wire lamp manufacturer

2020-12-14 1818

Copper wire lamps are common in daily lighting, and can be seen everywhere in various outdoor shopping malls, restaurants and hotels. It can be said that almost all family lighting will use copper wire lamps indoors. On the one hand, it is an indirect lighting method, and on the other hand, it can play a very good decoration effect and build an environmental atmosphere. However, we can find that copper wire lamps sometimes give uneven and dark light. What is the situation? How to deal with it?

The incorrect installation of the light strip will also affect the lighting effect.


Uneven wall painting will lead to irregular light, which can be handled by using the device frame. The luminous angle of the copper wire lamp is generally only 120 °. Some lamp slots are too high for us to see the light generated by the copper wire lamp. For this, it is better to pad the copper wire lamp so that the distance between the lamp strip and the upper edge of the lamp trough is about 4-125px. Perhaps it is better to stick the lamp strip on the side wall.

If the light strip is too long and the brightness of the tail is not good, a constant voltage driver of power can be used. For example, a 4A electrical appliance is used for a 6m light strip, which has a margin and will not cause waste; You can also change the connection method of the light strip to deal with the problem that the tail is not lit.

The light belt can also be made differently, and it can also be so enchanting. The idea of making a layout of light strips on the wall first, and then covering the wall with hollowed out boards, the light can be projected through the stripes on the boards. The melodious curves soften the space, and also make the room more beautiful.

On the wall at the side of the aisle, three thin and long light grooves with equal proportion were dug out and light strips were built in. Eventually, this kind of indoor decoration effect appeared, changing the original monotonous white wall. Of course, its own lighting function is also very useful, lighting small areas without occupying space.

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