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New Method of Using Window Lamp

2019-09-12 10:24:00

  The curtain lamp is a series of small light bulbs that can be hung on the curtain. The small light bulbs have color and pure color. Some people's curtains hang down like bead curtains in a series. It's very beautiful to turn on the light at night. Different colors of window cloth need to deploy different window cloth lights, so that all the deployment and beautiful and practical. Some people don't know how to allocate the window lamp. Let's see where the window lamp can be used with the small knitting of the soft wire lamp manufacturer.

  A New Method of Using Window Lamps: Decorating the Bedroom

  There are many different shapes of window lamp, the most common are star, snowflake, flower and so on. The colours of window lamps are white, red, green, blue and other colors. Most of them are made of small colour lamps in series with different colours. They can display various shapes according to their own preferences. This kind of small color lamp is not only installed on the window cloth, but also can be placed on the head of the bed to display the shape. It can also display its favorite shape on the ceiling, doorframe, dressing table and so on. The bedroom should choose soft lights, so that when the lights come on at night, they must be beautiful.

  New Method of Using Window Lamp II: Decorative Bed

  If the bed in the bedroom is a bed pillar or bed curtain can be operated, the curtain and the curtain are not the same, so hang all the small lights of the curtain lamp on the bed curtain or the curtain to deploy, perhaps directly use the lamp as the curtain, turn on the lamp at night, like a waterfall.

  New Method of Using Window Cloth Lamp 3: Decorating Wall Surface

  Window lamp can also be used to decorate the wall, not only simply hanging on the wall to be deceived decoration, but also can deploy some murals or room structure to decorate, and even can combine the lamp string into a picture or letters, which is not only convenient to operate, but also very innovative.

  New Method of Using Window Cloth Lamp IV: Decorating Windows

  Using window cloth lamp to decorate windows is its main effect, but the new method will certainly not be a general decoration, not only can decorate on the window frame, but also can be used separately from the window cloth, serving as window cloth, and even can sew special pictures on the window cloth. At night, beautiful pictures appear as soon as the window cloth is pulled up.

  New Ways to Use Window Lamp Five: Decorative Articles

  Whether there are several kinds of things in the family that are not used in ordinary times, not very good-looking, the key is the indispensable items, which are often not harmonious in space, or even eye-catching, so at this time we can use the window cloth lamp to decorate, wrap around it, make different scenery, like some toys can also be decorated. .

  New Method of Using Window Lamp Six: Decorating Balcony

  The monotonous balcony can also be very romantic. Choose a pentagonal window lamp string to decorate the side of the balcony, perhaps on the plants of the balcony, such a balcony is very characteristic.

  The window lamp is not only used on the window cloth, but also has many deployments. It is also a very good idea to make the house dream-like and warm and pleasant by exerting our ideas. We hope that the new methods shared by the editor of the soft wire lamp manufacturer will have a good reference for you. Finally, warm tips should be given to ensure the safety of electricity consumption. Fire disaster occurs.

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