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Why are LED small spacing display screens so hot in the market?

2019-09-12 10:22:20

  As we all know, small spacing LED display screen is an indoor LED display screen with pixel spacing of P2.5 or less. The emergence of small spacing display technology promotes the development of LED display screen to indoor ultra-high definition applications. Since the beginning of 2015, the domestic large screen display market, small spacing LED display screen products have been on the market in large quantities, and the market continues to heat up. Small spacing LED display screen is mainly used in what market, have what advantages.

  With seamless seamless, excellent color representation, low energy consumption and other characteristics, small spacing LED display screen can meet the requirements of high-end indoor use areas such as command and dispatch center, command and control center, radio and television studio, climate information center and so on. Compared with DLP backprojection splicing large screen and fast growing LCD splicing screen, small spacing LED display screen has obvious advantages of seamless splicing. In theory, the scale can be expanded infinitely, and the device method is flexible and diverse, the screen body thickness is thin, space saving and brightness. High, can meet the needs of semi-outdoor environment, in addition, there is no high cost of replacing light bulbs, low energy consumption, low cost of later operation and maintenance.

  With the improvement of the delicacy of the picture, it is possible to use the LED display screen indoors. With the continuous improvement of display technology, LED TV based on small spacing LED display technology has emerged as the times require. In recent years, many manufacturers of LED display screens have entered this market, constantly increasing technology development, and accelerating the pace of home display usage.

  With the continuous development of LED display technology, small space display technology is becoming more and more sophisticated. The sophisticated technology of small spacing makes the cost of production continue to decline. At that time, I believe that the price of small spacing LED display screen will become more and more popular, and will reach millions of households in the near future.

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