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The maintenance of LED lamps and lanterns must be neglected

2019-09-12 10:20:16

  How to take care of LED lamps? How to apply it accurately?

  1. After we buy back the lamp, we must first carefully browse the assembly copy list, and then assemble the lamp according to the copy list. If the lamp is not assembled accurately, there may be risks.

  2. When applying lamps and lanterns, only the switches that are still used even if they are not used frequently, and only the number of times that the LED lamp can withstand opening is 18 times that of the popular fluorescent lamp, but too frequent application will still affect the life of the external electronic components of the LED lamp, and then affect the life of the lamps and lanterns.

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  3. Don't tamper with the layout of lamps and lanterns, and don't change the parts of lamps and lanterns casually. After the cover, the lamps and lanterns should be installed as they are. Don't miss or misfit the parts and components of lamps and lanterns.

  4. LED lamp should not be washed with water. Generally, it can be washed with dry cloth and water. If you touch the water carelessly, you should only wipe it even if it is dry. Do not use wet cloth to wipe it immediately after turning on the lamp.

  5. Extra attention should be paid to the fact that in addition to LED lamps, popular LED lamps should be avoided in the application of wet conditions, which will affect the electronic components of the driving power supply of LED lamps, electronic components are damped, and the life of lamps and lanterns is prolonged. Therefore, moistureproof is one of the crux of lighting maintenance, especially the bathroom, bathroom LED lights and kitchen stove headlights, should be equipped with moistureproof lampshades to avoid moisture invasion, rust damage or leakage short circuit.

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