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It only takes three minutes to distinguish the quality of LED lights.

2019-09-12 10:17:38

  With the vigorous promotion of LED lighting in our country, LED lighting products are growing rapidly and widely. Now many families also use LED energy-saving lamps, because

  LED lamp has the characteristics of obvious power saving effect, long service life, no radiation, no stroboscopic effect, no noise, soft light, wide operating voltage scale and so on.

  It is welcomed by consumers. But at present, the LED lamp on the market is very complicated. Many black merchants use the poor quality LED lamp to pretend to be a famous brand LED lamp.

  Behavior is common. Next, we will teach you how to distinguish the quality of LED lights. Starting with the following methods, it takes only three minutes to distinguish the quality of the LED lamp.

  Good or bad!!!

  Six parameters for judging the quality of LED roughly:

  1. The unit of luminous flux (_) is lumen (lm).

  2. The color temperature (k) unit is Kelvin.

  3. Colour rendering index (ra)

  4. Light Source Power (lm_w)

  5. Power Elements of Power Supply

  6. Heat dissipation effect

  Requirements meet the above six parameters of the lamp, the bottom is to determine the quality of a lamp! The above parameters are only the "bottom". The following is to further judge the quality of LED lights.

  How to distinguish the good from the bad?

  Look at the packaging and trademarks

  The state compulsorily requires manufacturers of LED lamps to mark the following contents on the outer packaging: rated voltage, voltage scale, rated power and rated frequency. Generally speaking

  Come on, the trademark printing quality of high-quality products is good, the font is clear, not easy to fall off, scrubbed with soft wet cloth, the logo is clear and distinguishable, not easy to erase, there are manufacturers of business.

  Standards and related certification marks. The printing quality of fake and inferior products is poor, the font mould is easy to erase, and there is no manufacturer's trademark and relevant certification marks. From the choice of brand.

  We should choose the registered enterprise products with famous brand or trademark "R". The appearance of LED lamp is exquisite, and the trademark, type and standard printing handwriting of the product are clear and beautiful.

  There should be no distortion, paint loss and unequal color.

  Second Look at the Demand and Be Mindful of LED Ball Chip

  We should all know that the most advanced chip technology is not in our country, generally the quality of domestic chips is not as good as that of imported chips. We can use some of them.

  A small way to identify, using a magnifier to query the chip, may be under the same conditions to test the brightness of the two chips. LED bulb, ceiling lamp, rail

  Channel lamp, if illuminated on the white wall, should not have obvious color temperature errors such as color spots, color circles, etc. If there are such phenomena, it indicates that the lamp bead light source is residual.

  Assuming time permits, you can compare the brightness of two lamps with the standard one, then light one of them for a week, and then compare it with the previous one.

  The brightness of the lamp is compared, if there is no obvious dimming, it shows that the lamp decay is smaller and the quality of the lamp bead light source is better. Multi-chip production of light beads for easy removal of hood

  All products can choose to see the lamp bead light source after closing the eyes, turn on the power and open the eyes together. You can see the afterglow of the lamp bead chip, if the afterglow disappears.

  The time error is too big, which indicates that the quality of the lamp bead chip is not uniform, or the defective lamp bead chip. The whole lamp has a short life of damage and is not easy to buy.

  Three Views of the Appearance of LED Lamps

  Real LED energy-saving lamp, is a three-color tube, white tube, with hands to cover the view, whiter. Otherwise, from the lamp tube, you can put more than one lamp together to compare, lamp tube

  Most of the products with good conformity of shape and standard are machine bending, and most of them are products produced on a large scale. Good consistency, simple quality assurance, repair

  The interchangeability is better. Of course, there are no cracks, loosening and prizing marks between the interfaces. In the process of equipment and disassembly, the lamp head should not be loosened.

  The phenomenon of crooked head. It is necessary to choose the engineering plastic flame retardant type for the plastic shell of the lamp. Generally plastic is deformable and flammable, which prevents the production of energy-saving lamps. from

  The surface of the latter is lubricated and glossy, and the former has a texture similar to that of ground glass.

  Fourth Look at the Initiative Function

  LED energy-saving lamp initiation has two characteristics: the higher the temperature, the simpler the initiation; the second is that the lamp will not flash when turned off. In addition, it is worth mentioning that many LED energy-saving lamps

  Once turned on very dark, which is bad for the life of the bulb, the LED energy-saving lamp should have a power circuit and PCB board inside. When the LED light is turned on, the power on and the light emits light.

  The time difference between zero seconds and two seconds is a normal phenomenon. Generally, the lamp is driven by a constant current source with IC integrated circuit, and its function of stabilizing current and stabilizing voltage is better.

  The operation is stable.

  Five glances at light

  Watch out for the light and pornography of the LED. High-quality LED lamps must have the same light color, there will be no yellow light or other light color. Suppose we don't understand how to distinguish.

  Can teach us a small way, as long as these lights on, inquire about their color changes can get the answer you want. Because the LED lights are on

  It's very difficult to distinguish the brightness of two kinds of lamps of the same type under the same conditions by using the method of direct eye inquiry and comparison. Together, it's very difficult to distinguish the brightness of two kinds of lamps.

  It also briefly damages the eyesight. In general, we suggest to cover the light source with a sheet of white paper. After the attenuation of light by white paper, we can compare the results. This is a simple way.

  See the brightness difference of the light, the higher the brightness, the better. Otherwise, the best color is the one whose color temperature is close to sunlight.

  Six Views on Light Weakness

  Better LED lamps have less than 30% light decay before 25,000 hours; the first factor to decide the light decay is the quality of light source and the difference of heat dissipation structure; foreign original packaging

  High-power light sources, such as CREE light sources, have better light attenuation than domestic packaged light sources. As outsiders, light sources are generally not visible. A simple method of discrimination is the price first.

  The price of the light source packaged by the original factory is much higher than that packaged by the domestic one. Therefore, it is necessary to supply the information of the manufacturer of the light source if we want to buy the better quality LED lamp. LED

  Aluminum is usually used as radiator for lamps. The larger the contact area between radiator and air, the better. This is conducive to heat dissipation, stable operation of the whole lamp, and long light life.

  Bubbles and ceiling lamps should not have too large air permeability holes to avoid mosquitoes crawling in the process of operation, affecting the lighting effect or causing unnecessary damage.

  7. Look at the temperature at work

  The temperature rise of LED energy-saving lamp should be very low under normal working condition. Otherwise, the life of LED energy-saving lamps is very short. Together, when the energy-saving lamp is on, it flickers very fast.

  All the eye-catching fluctuations indicate that the energy-saving lamp has quality problems. Do not overheat or unevenly heat the lamp body during operation. If there is such a phenomenon, explain the lamp planning or

  There are some problems in the manufacturing process, and the light decay is very simple and damaged.

  So how do we identify Taobao when we buy it?

  1. To get the seller to take out the test report, he can see five parameters in an instant and have a rough idea.

  2. On Taobao, we suggest not to buy products under 6 yuan. After all, the LED lamp has not reached the stage of popularity, and the national standard has not yet come out.

  3. Looking at the shell on the picture, it decides the life of the LED beads (heat dissipation); the appearance is the same; the thickness of the aluminium material decides the price.

  For example, light bulbs can be divided into chips, aluminum substrates, shells, power supply, these parts. Each part has different brands, batches and prices.

  。 Equivalent to a free combination. If each part is used well, the price will be very high and vice versa, the price will be very low. Others will be used well, while others will be used poorly.

  The price is moderate.

  Selection of LED energy-saving lamp from these three aspects

  1. Power Selection

  LED bulb, professionally known as LED bulb lamp, its most common household power is 3W, 5W, 7W, 9W, engineering with 12W, 21W, 24W, and even more.

  High power, 40W, 80W, 120W, 150W, etc.

  3W light bulb is generally used in desk lamp, bedside lamp. 5W light bulb is generally used in floor lamp. 7W light bulb is generally used in garage, nanny room, etc.

  Suggestion: Like the large chandelier in the living room, it usually uses 3W mostly, because it may use 6-30 bulbs on one lamp. The number of light sources depends on its brightness.

  Desk lamp floor lamp above, Jianyi selected a light bulb with higher power. According to Taobao, as I know, many vendors have falsely reported W number in power.

  2. Lamp Head Selection

  The lamp holder has the methods of clamp and screw, and the commonly used lamp holders are E27, E14, E26, etc. These are all attributed to the screw holder. The letter E indicates the spiral lamp with Edison thread.

  Seat or lamp holder, the number behind represents the integral value of the thread diameter of the lamp holder, in mm.

  So E27 indicates screw head with 27 mm external diameter standard, E14 indicates screw head with 14 mm external diameter standard. The power of LED lamp has nothing to do with the size of lamp head.

  The same power LED lamp can choose either E27 lamp head or E14 lamp head, among which E27 is the most commonly used lamp head.

  There are also B22 lamp holders, B22 lamp holder is a kind of lamp holder, lamp holder is connected to the end of the lamp line, for equipment lamp use interface, is to fix the lamp on the lamp holder, so that the lamp.

  A component of a lamp connected to a power supply.

  The nomenclature of lamp head and lamp holder is the primary method of electric light source. The relevant symbols mean: the lamp head of the B-slot, and the number behind B indicates the diameter of the shell, such as:

  B22D/25*26 - refers to a lamp holder with two contacts and a diameter of about 22mm; the total length is about 25mm and the skirt diameter is about 26mm.

  3. Choice of Color Temperature

  Luminous colours:

  Yellow light: color temperature: 2700-3500K. (to achieve a warm effect, warm tone)

  White light: color temperature: 6000-6500K. (Clean and tidy effect, cold tone, now used more in summer)

  Several principles should be paid attention to in the selection of indoor lighting products:

  Color rendering index (Ra)


  We must not think that this method is troublesome, because lamps and lanterns are necessary appliances in our life, a good LED lamps and lanterns can help us solve the problem.

  Less problems. We can buy suitable LED lamps and lanterns according to our needs. The above identification methods hope to help us.

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